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Debora Corsini
about the author

Débora Corsini was born in Brazil and is a graduate of the School of Arts and Communications in her native Rio de Janeiro and the School of Education in Petropolis.


Very early on she discovered a love for travel and foreign languages managing the art workshops of an international holiday resort company in several countries.


Her own involvement with motor sport began in 1992 when she met Jack Leconte, owner of Larbre Compétition, a consistently successful sports car racing team.


Fluent in no fewer than five languages, she realised that there was a need for a new comprehensive guide to assist in communication between the many nationalities earning their living in motorsport. Fascinated by this field where the intelligence and drive of man feeds the pursuit of victory, Débora Corsini has created an indispensable tool for all globetrotters involved in motor racing.


In 1996 she launched her RACING WORDS brand of publications, including a “Multilingual Motorsport Dictionary” and the series of ”Racing Circuits International Guide”, two publications which are an invaluable and constant source of information for fans and professionals around the world.


In a discipline where communication and comprehension can help to improve performance, Débora Corsini has found the perfect medium to serve and pass on to others two of her greatest passions – foreign languages and racing.